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The group envisions a lifestyle concept
that brings to life gastronomy, mixology, unique entertainment,
music and ambiance.

V&E Restaurant Group consists of a team of international and industry professionals whom successfully tie together traditional, lifestyle and nightlife concepts into one vision and turn it into a reality. This brilliant group of creators are behind some of the most recognized and finest restaurants located in Miami, Mexico and Las Vegas.  V&E owns and operates their restaurants since 1985.  Their proven success and expertise over time has resulted in over 30 successful restaurant across most all cuisines.


V&E stands for Vida & Estilo which is Spanish for “Life & Style”.
The group exudes a lifestyle concept gastronomy, mixology, unique entertainment, music and ambiance into each location, giving it a personality of its own.  V&E provides only the freshest ingredients in their gourmet cuisine and specialty cocktails created by seasoned chefs and bar hands and brought to your table by highly trained and attentive staff to create a comfortable atmosphere for guests.

The most important element in V&E’s lifestyle concept is their focus on a unique 360 degree ambiance from music to decor. As art enthusiasts, all furniture, decor, lighting and gardening are handmade designs by artisans in and out of the country to ensure uniqueness and individuality that fits the identity of each of their restaurants.  Each restaurant feels like a destination of its own.


Their success and positive feedback from opening the doors to so many restaurants encourages their goals for the future.  V&E Restaurant Group continues to look toward the future with innovative ideas and refreshing their concepts.



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